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Zu Vincent: Good Writing Takes Time, Sometimes a Lifetime
WordSpring Annual Creative Writing Conference MC/ Keynote
Annual Creative Writing Conference MC/ Keynote Address
WordSpring Annual Creative Writing Conference MC/ Keynote

The Lucky Place is a 2011 California Library Collection's List Choice.

"Vincent delicately handles the emotions children feel as they experience life changes and learn to look at their parents through the telescope of reality. This extraordinary work of realistic fiction should be shared wth any child experiencing the divorce and/or remarriage of a parent." ...Kim Thompson, SWON Libraries "Literary Merit & Characterization: Excellent"

"This delicate page-turner is written in a way to subtly grab the reader by the gut...thoughtful, satisfying, and realistic. Highly Recommended."
... Starred Review, Library Media Connection

"This story is poignant, unforgettable, and one of the most beautifully written I have ever encountered."
---E. Kristin Anderson, "The Hate-Mongering Tart"

"There was a time when kids went outside to play, made up imaginary games evoking historical characters and aliens from the future, families went on road trips in search of gold, radiation was still a new treatment for cancer, and cancer was still mysterious.

"In THE LUCKY PLACE by Zu Vincent, families are becoming visibly dysfunctional through the eyes of Cassie, spanning ten years from age three to thirteen. There's Old Daddy, the drunk, and New Daddy, the one Cassie likes better. Jaime, her older brother, is not happy about New Daddy, but escapes his anger and frustration by taking as many dance classes as possible.

"These are complex relationships rich with emotion, told from a soft, gentle, very human perspective. This book will capture the attention of 5th grades and up."
...Lyda, Tales from the Treehouse

Pennsylvania School Librarian's Association Top 40 Young Adult Books for 2008-2009

Honor Book for the 2009 Paterson Prize

Kansas State Reading Circle 2009 Recommended Reading List

Accelerated Reader Program

* Highly Recommended Starred Review, Library Media Connection

A Cynsations New Voices Pick for 2008

“A stunning fiction debut by an author to watch.” ...School Library Journal

“The Lucky Place is a pitch-perfect little symphony.” ...Tim Wynne-Jones, author of The Maestro

“…moving and multilayered…” ...Bulletin of the Center For Children’s Books

“I believe this book may become one of my best read "Girl Books". The story flows well as does the emotions this story evokes. Girls will love it.”
… A "Recommended" Review from SSBRC (South Sound Book Review Council). Review Author: Linda Fisher

"With astonishing realism, Zu Vincent portrays the poignant internal life of a young girl struggling to survive, thrive and emerge whole while grappling with divided family loyalties, the failings of adults wrestling with their own demons, and events and tragedies over which she has no control. Keep a box of tissues handy, as it's a tear-jerker without being overwrought or maudlin. It's entirely genuine and without a hint of artifice or manipulation of the audience. Although categorized as fiction for young adults, The Lucky Place is a page-turner for mature audiences, as well. I've given copies to family and friends of all ages." ...Trish De'Mas

“The Lucky Place really shows everyone exactly how hard it can be to have an Old Dad and a New Dad and having…to choose between them. Great book, and eye opener for sure. I would recommend that parents read this book to their children if they have to go through the same thing. I’d also recommend Middle Schoolers, High Schoolers, and adults read this book. This book is for everyone at every age.” MS, HS - ESSENTIAL. Student Reviewer: AN...Kiss The Book

“A quietly powerful and important story. Zu’s vignettes weave a novel that, from moment to moment, takes your breath—then gently hands it back to you again. Lovely.” ...Jacqueline Woodson, author of Hush

“A magical book—joyful and heartbreaking—singing with life. Zu leads us gently into the heart and soul of a girl we come to love. I didn’t want it to end.” ...Susan Wooldridge, author of Fool’s Gold

“…guarantees reflection after turning the last page.” ...Voice of Youth Advocates

“Vincent has done an amazing job… readers must purposefully focus on the language to see how it changes throughout the four sections of the book. Subtly. Brilliantly.

The complexity of this family dynamic is rarely scratched below the surface in most books but fully plays out in this one. Vincent takes her readers on the same spinning, twisting, leaping journey taken by her exceptionally well-developed character.” ...The ALAN Review, Julie M. Prince

“… (Cassie) learns that the 'lucky place' isn't a street address but a spot inside herself. Fans of Nancy Werlin's Rules of Survival (2006) are a natural for this sad but hopeful story. ...Cindy Dobrez, Booklist

“…clear and elegant…” ...Kirkus Review

“I read it very quickly, couldn't put it down, and am happy to report that I really loved it.” ...The Potato Vine

“…This is a unique story, one that I have not yet come across in another title, and one that will stay with you after the last page is completed.” ...Amanda, A Patchwork of Books

“The Lucky Place is an outstanding read for anyone who wants a young child's inside view on divorce and illness. With her optimistic protagonist, Zu Vincent charms the reader and shows us that there is a lighter side to every dark tale.” ...Catia Cunha, Metapsychology Online

“Zu's new novel, The Lucky Place is one of the best YA novels I've ever read- I bought a half dozen copies and sent them to friends. It's tender, and lyrical, and everything a good literary novel should be." ...Travels With a Writer, Tami Lewis Brown

“Zu Vincent is an incredibly sensitive and polished writer… Her characters and relationships are a thing of beauty. This small gem of a novel is a moving and eventful journey. Don't Miss this!" ...Paris Paul

“This is an amazing first book by this author. It takes your heart right from the beginning but has a fresh way of looking at life through the eyes and mind of a young girl. By the end you are entrenched in the girl's life and rooting for her all along the way. Bravo!" ...uptown

“So much of Vincent's prose reads like poetry that I kept wanting to grab a pencil and mark passages, but didn't want to lose momentum. Even after I started reading, I had the realization that the book itself and the story sort of snuck up on me--so unassuming but so quietly confident in its own strength. Breathtaking and genuine and real. I'm eager to pass it on to friends. Lovely." ...Jennifer Bradbury, author of Shift

“Zu Vincent's THE LUCKY PLACE is a rich and poignant story. Vincent's characters are fully three dimensional and her scenes are so evocative you can smell the pine when the family takes a trip to the woods… Cassie's story is beautifully told and brought tears to my eyes more than once. THE LUCKY PLACE is a terrific story and I highly recommend it. A Great Read." ...Daphne Grab, author of Alive and Well in Prague