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Two brothers struggle to come to terms with tragedy...

"Sweet Grass Christmas"

March, 2009

Booklist Starred Review
Catherine the Great: Empress of Russia.

Zu's writes about "Minding the Gap" in Through the Wardrobe

An artist's view from The Lucky Place by Aubrie

"Iíd like to pretend this truck is as strong as any bomb shelter, but I know itís not. I climb up the little step under the door and pull the handle, and the door swings out fast. I crawl inside and close it soft. The driverís seat is cold and crackles. The steering wheel is wide like a giant bowl."

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Zu's essay"The Long Road Home" is upcoming from Fulcrum Press
This anthology features artwork and moving essays on notable Native Amerians

Dan Barnett Reviews The Lucky Place
A featured presenter is local author Zu Vincent. Her novel "The Lucky Place," first published in 2008, was hailed by School Library Journal as "a stunning fiction debut by an author to watch."

Through the Wardrobe
"The whole question of doing and being can be especially vital to a teenager."

The ALAN Review
"Digging deep into a young adult novel."

The Good People
On his way to Ireland, Wren meets a man with a strange story to tell. He never should have listened.

Gilgoffís Grace / Yoga Journal
After enduring years of painful and debilitating injuries, Nancy Gilgoff became an American pioneer of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system. A system which transformed her life --

The Christmas Box
When his grandson finds the Christmas box in the attic, Eric reveals the story behind its mysterious contents, opening up both an old memory, and a new fear.