"A soft hurt, that’s unsettling, just taking you so gently by the hand and pulling the wool over your eyes, making trees move and you aren’t able to."

The Lucky Place is an Honor Book for the 2009 Paterson Prize for Books for Young People. This award is given by the internationally recognized Poetry Center at Passiac Community College in New Jersey.

Kansas State Reading Circle 2009 Recommended Reading List: The Lucky Place

Isabelle Allende calls writing “an exercise in nostalgia,” a long, slow dance in an ever-widening circle of memory. I like that. I think we forge the details of this dance from love and longing, remembered place and the rub of character against character.

The idea for my novel The Lucky Place was sparked by an early memory about a white horse. When my mom would see this white horse in the field near our home, she’d lick her thumb and stamp it on her palm for luck. As a child I was sure this would work, and that our family would stay charmed forever.

But no family stays charmed forever. And in The Lucky Place, I wanted to write about what happens when this early magical belief meets reality. So I created Cassie and Jamie, threw them into a messy family relationship and watched their story unfold.